Diamond Valley Lions Club (Inc)

District 201V5, Victoria, Australia


Diamond Valley Lions Club would like to recognise the material and fiscal support of an all Aussie company Australian Composite Technologies and their range of recycled plastic fencing and building material PLASMAR.

Kermit once said "It's not easy being Green" but that has changed Lions now have access to a %100 recycled building material that has a long long life span and is helping reduce landfill. Durable and great for the enviroment this material supplied at a great price to the club will find many uses for present and future project. Stay tuned for details of PLASMAR projects coming up.

Meanwhile check out the website of this wonderful Aussie enterprise.


Club links

  • Hearts in Mind

    Hearts in Mind aims to bridge the gap in existing services and encourage women to be resilient and actively connected with a greater sense of social inclusion, participation and belonging.

    The project is designed to motivate carers to take time for themselves and renew their own sense of self, restore their well-being and rejuvenate innate creativity.

    More details: https://www.heartsinmindproject.com/

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    Speaking made easy

    Going through a rebranding process at the moment, and while the Penguin Club name will remain the legal entity, soon they will be known as Speaking Made Easy.
    They are a speaking club for women, providing the space for women to gain the confidence to speak in all forums and to take those skills into the workforce and all areas of their lives. You are welcome to visit their website, see details below.


    More details: www.penguinclubvictoria.com.au

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    Kates animal chiropractor

    Local with a heart as big as Australia.

    More details: www.kateschiro.com.au

  • Lions Club International - Find a Club

    Information on all Lions Clubs can be found by following the link below:

    More details: https://directory.lionsclubs.org/?language=EN

District links

  • Links to our Clubs

    Links to all of the clubs and websites in District 201V5

    More details: http://201v5.lions.org.au/201V5%20Clubs

  • Lion in Your Heart

    A great new 30 second advertisement for Lions!

    More details: http://youtu.be/jb3D58I47x4

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    Licola Wilderness Village

    The township of Licola is owned entirely by the Lions Clubs of Victoria and southern New South Wales. It is the only privately owned town in Victoria and the only one not on mains power.

    The greater part of the town is occupied by the Licola Wilderness Village, where Lions Clubs for over 35 years have run camps for disadvantaged children and special needs groups, mostly held during the school holidays.

    More details: http://www.licola.org.au/

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